TESOL for Adults

TESOL for Adults at KGIBC-CTC is a program that provides comprehensive teacher-training by blending theory and practical skills. This four week intensive program gives our trainees the opportunity to have explored many types of teaching styles and techniques, to have increased their confidence to teach English, to have gained a greater appreciation of the teaching profession and to have found or strengthened their desire for teaching.

On completion of this course, graduates will have been guided through a process of becoming knowledgeable and dedicated instructors and meet the rising standards of professional development in the ESL industry.

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  • Type Diploma Program
    Campus Vancouver
    Program Length 4 week Diploma program (in-class)
    8 week Diploma program (4 weeks in-class + 4-week mandatory practicum)
    Schedule 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Thursday; 9 am to 2:30 pm Friday (26.5 hours/week)
    Average Class Size 12 Students
    Additional Details
    • Course Prerequisites: TESOL or TESOL Advanced or follow the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policy to have a similar TESOL program from another school approved as a prerequisite.
    • Optional 4 week practicum is held at Vancouver ESL campus.
    Graduation Requirements 70% average upon successful completion of all in-class modules and practicum
  • Week One

    • Giving Instructions
    • Characteristics of adult learners
    • Classroom Management
    • Learning Styles
    • Speaking & Oral Error Correction
    • Mini Lesson 1: Instructions & CCOs

    Week Two

    • Quiz 1
    • Materials & Classrooms
    • Techniques
    • Mini Lesson 2: Culture
    • Speaking: Micro-Teaching

    Week Three

    • Quiz 2
    • Vocabulary
    • Mini Lesson 3: Teach Vocabulary
    • Reading
    • Listening: Micro-Teaching
    • Writing

    Week Four

    • Quiz 3
    • Pronunciation
    • Writing: Micro-Teching
    • Mini-Lesson 4: Minimal Pairs
    • Assessment
    • Tips for Better Teaching
  • Pete Hall

    TESOL for Middle School Coordinator & Instructor; TESOL Adults & TESOL Advanced Coordinator

    Pete Hall

    Pete Hall attended Simon Fraser University, graduating with a B.A in Physical Geography and well as a B.Ed in Teaching. He earned his TESOL Diploma from Vancouver Community College. Pete is an adventurer by heart, and has combined his love for travelling and his passion for teaching and taught in many different countries around the world, including Tanzania, Korea and China. His motto is: "If there are no students in your class, could you do what you are planning to do? If the answer to this question is yes, then don't do it!”

    • Earn a TESOL for Adults diploma in 4 weeks
    • Over 10 years of teaching experience in teacher training
    • Enhance your teaching skills
    • Individual guidance and detailed feedback
    • Well organized practicum experience
    • Ample skill building
    • Frequent practice teaching opportunities
    • Prepares students to enter an adult learning classroom

    Future Career Opportunities

    Tutoring, private academy teaching, corporate English training

  • Length of Placement
  • OnSite Studies = 16 days/80 hours
  • Practicum = 4 days/20 hours
  • Timing of Placement Immediately after the conclusion of the TESOL for Adults in-class hours
    Place of Placement KGIC Vancouver ESL Campus


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Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 1H2

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