Business Management Practicum

KGIBC-CTC provides students who want to further develop and practice the skills needed to have success in their future careers the option of taking a practicum. This practical experience and professional observation allows students to apply the skills they learned in their programs to a real work environment – further enhancing their knowledge and abilities.



KGIBC-CTC provides a practicum opportunity to students who have satisfactorily completed the Business Management academic requirements. The practicum is an integral part of BM with practicum programs for students who want to further develop and practice the skills needed to have success in their future careers. Students are to complete the work experience term up to the determined maximum hours during the 4-week duration. The maximum hours for the practicum term depend on the length of the Business Management in-class study period.

Who will help students with the practicum?

The Practicum Liaison will help them. As soon as students are enrolled in the Business Management with practicum program, they should see the Practicum Liaison.

When do students need to see the practicum liason?

Students should meet the Practicum Liaison within the first month of class. The Practicum Liaison will arrange an orientation at the beginning of the program to answer all questions. All practicum students will need to apply for a work permit for unpaid practicum placements. Please visit the CIC website or contact your local Canadian Embassy for further information.

What type of practicum job can a student have?

The practicum job type is restricted to the areas or fields of studies in  the Business Management program, and all placements must be approved by the Practicum Liaison. Students can look for a practicum position of their choice as long as it is related to general business administration tasks and duties.

If students don't like the host company, can they change?

Once students have been accepted by a company, they must honour their commitment to the opportunity offered by that company. If problems arise, students must speak to the Practicum Liaison in order to resolve conflicts and learn from the experience.

Do students ever get fired from a practicum?

It is possible to be fired from a practicum, but it is rare. Unexcused lateness, absence, and a bad attitude or lack of professionalism are grounds for dismissal. If students get dismissed due to these reasons, they will get a “fail” grade for the practicum term.

Can students ask the host company for a letter of reference?

Yes! If students have a good relationship with their supervisor, and are confident that they have worked well, they can ask for a letter of reference. This will be very useful when students apply for work in the future.

Can students work past their practicum end date?

Generally practicum work experience is four weeks long, with the maximum work hours specifically determined by the length of the program that students are registered in. Students are not permitted to work beyond their practicum end date.


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