Global Finance and Accounting

At any level in a corporate organization, managers will develop confidence and authority by being able to work with the numbers and interpret those numbers in an accurate way. Accounting and finance are what keeps modern corporations ticking. No manager can be involved in daily decision making without knowing what the numbers are, how they change, what they mean, and how they affect people, strategy, and execution. The module is centered on practical applications and exercises: we delve into the numbers and find out what they mean, where they come from, and what solutions they suggest. An online stock game adds a dash of spice and adventure, mirroring the daily moves on Wall Street.

KGIBC-CTC Global Finance and Accounting

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  • Type Certificate Program
    Campus Vancouver
    Program Length 4 weeks (106 hours)
    Schedule 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Thursday; 9 am to 2:30 pm Friday (26.5 hours/week)
    Average Class Size 12 students
    Additional Programs Optional Certificate of Supervisory Management.
    Completion Certificate of completion for each 4-week period
    Graduation Requirements 70% average upon successful completion of all in-class modules and practicum

    4-week program can be taken individually in Vancouver only. Program must be taken as part of the 24 or 28-week program in Toronto.

  • In class Duration at KGIBC-CTC 4-week* work experience Practicum Total Duration of program Number of in-class Modules Certification received from KGIBC-CTC
    4 weeks No 4 weeks 1 Certificate of Completion
    12 weeks Yes 16 weeks 3 Certificate with Practicum
    16 weeks Yes 20 weeks 4 Certificate with Practicum
    20 weeks Yes 24 weeks 5 Certificate with Practicum
    24 weeks No 24 weeks 6 Diploma
    24 weeks Yes 28 weeks 6 Diploma with Practicum
    Please note: Students can take 1-5 modules (4-20 weeks) without practicum and receive a Certificate of Completion for each module taken.
    *For more information on the practicum experience, please click here.

    4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 week options only available in Vancouver

    • Common financial statements
    • Inventory evaluation methods and their effects on profits
    • Fixed assets and depreciation methods
    • Management tools provided by accounting information systems
    • Standard cost accounting, budgetary control, cost/volume/profit relationships
    • Methods of identifying financial strengths and weaknesses
    • Basic factors affecting income needs
  • Luc Corijn

    Business Management Coordinator & Instructor

    Luc Corijn

    Luc has been with KGIBC-CTC in different capacities (Business program instructor, KGIBC-CTC Director, and Business Management Coordinator) since August 2000. Before arriving in Canada, Luc worked as English Department Head at a prestigious private high school in Jamaica, and served as Chief Foreign Exchange Dealer with the world’s largest bank in Japan. Luc obtained a BA in Oriental Languages and Culture (Ghent University, Belgium), a Master’s in Theoretical Economics (Hitotsubashi University, Japan), and a Master’s in Religious Education (St. Mark’s College, Vancouver). He has been teaching for 15 years.

    • Learn to work as a team and improve your skills through close coaching by instructors
    • Understand a global perspective first hand with an ethnically diverse study body
    • Gain confidence through frequent presentations and a variety of exercises
    • Apply classroom theory to real-life situations and case studies
    • Enhance your resume and improve your chances of finding a good job in the future

    Future Career Opportunities

    Office management, international trade, small business development, HR development, global consultant, finance
  • BM Classes are relevant nowadays and provide irreplaceable knolwedge which can be used in today's business, economic, financial sphere and employees relations. Since studying BM, I discovered in myself an entrepreneurial talent, learned how to cooperate and become a team player. This course also provided an opportunity to receive practical knowledge which is so important in everyday life. For example, the invitation of an interview or creative team work made me feel comfortable in stressful situations. That's why BM course is worth studying.

    Roman Prodyus, Ukraine

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    The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management association and a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing managerial skills and professional development. The Canadian Institute of Management has helped over 55,000 managers to develop management skills with a rich and diversified series of programs from individual courses to professional designation. KGIBC-CTC offers Business Management students the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Supervisory Management (CSM) from the Canadian Institute of Management.

    In order to qualify for the Certificate of Supervisory Management students must complete a series of core and elective modules.

    Complete THREE core modules:

    Complete ONE elective module (choose one):

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    For more information on the Canadian Institute of Management click here.


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