Students specializing in general business management (BM) are an ambitious and focused lot. KGIBC-CTC is their destination of choice for its careful blend of theory and practice. Textbook knowledge can be obtained anywhere; not so actual insight and relevant skills. In a constantly evolving field, we roll with the times in programs that challenge students and staff alike. Whether the economy roars or slips, we maintain a steady focus on best practices and work with our students to achieve one overriding goal: to deliver the best possible programs within an environment that pays attention to individual needs and fosters constant communication.

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The variety of successful KGIBC-CTC TESOL programs that prepare students to enter the ever-increasing 'in demand' profession of certified English teachers.

The TESOL Department at KGIBC-CTC puts the YOU in control. With 7 different TESOL programs to choose from, flexible start dates and a 'build your own' approach – you will save time, save money and maximize your TESOL learning experience.

Start your TESOL training with either TESOL or TESOL Advanced. Both courses last 4 weeks and cover the same fundamental knowledge that is key to becoming a successful ESL/EFL Instructor.

  • TESOL: Best suited for international students who plan on returning to their country to teach.
  • TESOL Advanced: Best suited for Native English speakers and higher level non-native English speakers who would benefit from the additional TESL Canada accreditation that this diploma leads to. An asset for any person who eventually wants to teach in Canada.

After completing either TESOL or TESOL Advanced, students can enhance their TESOL skill development with further studies in specialty programs. Choose from TESOL for Children, TESOL for Middle School, TESOL for Adults, and TESOL for Test Preparation - or take them all. Keep reading and learn more specific details about each of the TESOL programs at KGIBC-CTC!

TESOL | TESOL Adults | TESOL Children | TESOL Middle School

TESOL Advanced | TESOL Test Preparation


Helping students explore the many facets and intricacies of interpreting and translation is a source and journey of excitement. In the KGIBC-CTC Interpreting and Translation Programs (IT), we love walking these first steps with them. We enjoy exploring the unexpected challenges of digging deeper into a language and arriving at results that constantly surprise us. Through translating, role-playing, as well as listening and vocabulary exercises, our aim is to pass on to our students an abiding interest in the study of language. In a certain sense, whether our graduates go on to become professionals is immaterial. After all, one thing is for sure: we believe they will have gained something of immeasurable value for the rest of their lives, i.e. a vibrant love of language.

Interpreting & Translation


Meet young customer service professionals from around the world, sharpen the skills you will need in the service industry, and develop the confidence, perspective, skills, knowledge and drive that will help you succeed.

The fundamental duties of a Customer Service Worker are to answer questions and resolve problems. Success in this regard depends on the worker’s ability to connect with customers on a personal level. Our modules will teach skills related to forming proper attitudes, creating strong first impressions, communicating well both verbally and non-verbally, and - most importantly - understanding just what it is a customer needs and wants. Create exciting and rewarding job opportunities for yourself!


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