Visa Information

It is important to understand the appropriate visa’s students must have based on their intended study in Canada.

Please note that visa regulations are decided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a department of the Canadian government. We advise students to check for updated Visa information at the Canadian consulate or embassy nearest you prior to your departure for Canada.

  • We advise students to consult the list of Countries and Territories Whose Citizens Require Visas as you prepare to study in Canada. If you wish to study in Canada for up to 6 months you may need to obtain a Temporary Residents Visa depending on your country of origin and the country you hold a passport for.

    More information about Canadian Visitor Visas can be found at the Citizenship & Immigration Canada page.

    To find the closest Canadian Consulate or Embassy to you, click here.

  • You do not need a study permit if you are planning to study a short-term program in Canada for six months or less. Please note that you must complete your studies within the time frame you have been authorized to stay in Canada.

    If you enroll in a program that is longer than 6 months, you are required to obtain a study permit. Students can only obtain study permits from designated learning institutions. You must state the designated learning institution (DLI) number on your visa application for the institution you wish to attend.

    For information on applying for a study permit within Canada, please click here. For more information on recent changes to the international student program please click here (

  • Students attending a program that includes paid/unpaid co-op or practicum portions must apply for a study and a work permit. Please contact your local Canadian Embassy or visit here for more information.
  • An officer from Citizenship and Immigration Canada will ask you a few short questions when you arrive. Present your passport and answer all the questions. The officer will stamp your passport and tell you how long you can stay in Canada.


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