• Programs CollageWant to improve your management skills, learn how to give a powerful presentation or gain a skill that gives you the cutting edge? KGIBC-CTC provides a variety of programs to suit your individual needs. Our programs help you to improve your skills, ability and knowledge – ensuring broader career prospects in the future. Certificate and Diploma programs include: Teacher Training, Business Management, Interpretation & Translation and Test Preparation.
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  • Accommodations CollageImagine living with a family in Canada or sharing an apartment with KGIBC-CTC classmates from around the world! KGIBC-CTC provides several different accommodation options including homestay, student housing and apartments.
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  • Activities CollageLearning English is not just about the classes, it’s also about the experience! KGIBC-CTC offers a variety of activities and excursions to help you learn about Canada, make new friends, and take part in a truly unforgettable experience! Activities include city tours, overnight trips, BBQs, sports and much more!
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  • Support CollageLiving in a foreign country requires adjustment and learning. KGIBC-CTC provides support to help you feel comfortable, learn about how things work in Canada and assist you along your academic journey.
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  • BM Testimonials"I love KGIBC-CTC so much! It’s not just a college; it’s a big family! People here are so friendly and enthusiastic. Teachers have both extensive knowledge and diligent personality. School activities helped me to make more friends. By taking TESOL and BM programs, I learned how to use English to express my thoughts clearly and communicate with different cultures. If I visit Vancouver again, I will visit KGIBC-CTC again. I love my big family in Vancouver" 
    WU, Z-Ying (tree) - Taiwan
    Business, Management Program graduate
  • TESOL Testimonials"I chose Canada to study because I like nature, such as climbing mountains and skiing. In fact, Canada has more nature than I expected. I have enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, the northern lights in Yellowknife, and other beautiful places. Speaking of studying, I'm really interested in the education systems of foreign countries. So I looked for a school to take some TESOL courses. KGIBC has 5 TESOL courses (besides TESOL Advanced) and each has a practicum to improve your teaching skills. I thought this school could encourage me to improve my teaching skills, and thus, that’s why I chose this school. As the course started, I found myself needing to practice more. In addition, I should have known how to make a better presentation earlier. So I struggled with some of the lessons in the TESOL courses. However, my teachers supported me a lot, and I have really improved my skills. In addition, they are very unique and passionate! I would like to be a teacher like them. I really want to thank the teachers and staff at KGIBC and KGIC for helping me with my anxiety. I really recommend you to study here if you are interested in education and want to improve your presentation skills" 
    R. Ozawa - Japan
    TESOL Program graduate
  • TESOL Testimonials"I took the ITK program at KGIBC-CTC in February 2016. I wanted to share a story of my achievement. I studied hard when I was in KGIBC-CTC’s ITK program. On the first day, I was given three text books that were published by the school. They were written by the instructors at KGIBC-CTC. They helped me to learn practical terms and phrases as well as academic English. My two months at KGIBC-CTC was intense, studying full-time, doing a lot of homework, and preparing for the next day. I didn’t give up and eventually got through the whole program. I think it was because the ITK instructors helped me and encouraged me along the way.
    After I moved back to Korea, I got a chance to use my English skills when I had a job interview at an American company in Korea. Thanks to the education I got from the ITK program, I got hired. I want to say thank you to my instructors who helped me along the way. I want other students to experience the same thing. Now that I look back, I wanted to say thank you to my instructors to help me along the way. I want other students to experience the same thing."

    Jinwoo (Jin) PARK - Korea
    Interpreting and Translating in Korean Program graduate
  • ITK Testimonials"I decided to come to Canada in order to improve my English to help my career in Korea. After 2 months of ESL study, I wanted to challenge myself. When my friends recommended KGIBC-CTC’s IT-K (Interpreting and Translating in Korean), I was not sure because I wasn’t going to be an interpreter or a translator; however, my friends who took the program, pushed me to do it. It was challenging right off the bat. KGIBC-CTC’s IT-K program covers different subjects; health care, entertainment, business, culture and even law. I still remember how excited I was when I started hearing what news announcers were saying! I would recommend this program to Korean speakers. It can be a great opportunity for them to learn English/English, not Korean/English. I truly enjoyed the program." 
    Maria Yang - Korea
    Interpreting and Translating in Korean program graduate
  • ABM Testimonials"Dedication, efficiency and civility. All these things describe the professionals that work and teach at KGIBC-CTC. I had good times in all my classes, thoroughly enjoyed the modern and interactive teaching styles and overall had fun interacting with students from all over the world. The classes were concise, educational and did not try to overload the students. KGIBC-CTC is an experience to remember and I for one, will." 
    John Bieler - Brazil
    Advanced Business Management Program graduate
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